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Set up PostgreSQL database

Rell requires PostgreSQL 16.3. The IDE can work without it but can't run a node. A console or a remote postchain app can run without a database.

The default database configuration for Rell is:

  • database: postchain
  • user: postchain
  • password: postchain


  1. Install Homebrew: Homebrew installation guide

  2. Install PostgreSQL:

brew install postgresql@16
brew services start postgresql@16
createuser -s postgres
  1. Prepare the PostgreSQL database:
psql -U postgres -c "CREATE DATABASE postchain WITH TEMPLATE = template0 LC_COLLATE = 'en_US.UTF-8' LC_CTYPE = 'en_US.UTF-8' ENCODING 'UTF-8';" -c "CREATE ROLE postchain LOGIN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'postchain'; GRANT ALL ON DATABASE postchain TO postchain;"

If you get an error saying that peer authentication failed, you need to change the authentication method from peer to md5. You can change it in the pg_hba.conf file of your psql database.