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Rate limiter

The following arguments are settings for the rate limiter (spam prevention). The client accumulates one "operation point" every rate_limit_recovery_time milliseconds, up to rate_limit_max_points. You spend one operation point for each operation.

You can configure this with module args for the lib.ft4.accounts module, like this:

module: main
rate_limit_active: 1
rate_limit_max_points: 10
rate_limit_recovery_time: 5000
rate_limit_points_at_account_creation: 1
ArgumentDescriptionDefault value
rate_limit_active0 for not active (no spam prevention) or 1 to activate the rate limit.1
rate_limit_max_pointsThe maximum amount of operation points that can accumulate (and therefore the maximum number of transactions you can do at once).10
rate_limit_recovery_time(In milliseconds) period of cooling down before an account can receive one operation point.5000
rate_limit_points_at_account_creationThe points that an account has at the moment of its creation (0 is min).1