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Usage: chr query [OPTIONS] QUERYNAME [ARGS]...

Make a query towards a running node


Make query/tx towards a test node

-brid, --blockchain-rid TEXT Target Blockchain RID
--cid INT Target Blockchain IID (default: 0)
--api-url TEXT Target api url (default:


Make query towards a configured deployment

-d, --network TEXT Specify which deployment target to use
-bc, --blockchain TEXT Name of blockchain in deployment configuration

-s, --settings SETTINGS Alternate path for the project settings file
-h, --help Show this message and exit

QUERYNAME name of the query to make.
ARGS arguments to pass to the query. The dict is passed either as
key-value pairs or as a single dict element.

You can use the query command (chr query) to test and interact with a chain that's either local or deployed without using a client. You can set a path for the project config file (config.yml) or specify a different file using --settings. In addition to that, you can change between a local and deployed chain target with the --deployment and --local flags. The flag is --local by default.


When you start a node, you can see the Blockchain RID as the standard output. An example would look like this: Blockchain RID: FC17B67D66F6F35A5D8B75ED3F83AE222FB8C8FCA241624F06285150F10C6BAC. If you run the node on a different URL than the default http://localhost:7740, you can use the --api-url in the config.yml to specify it.

  • To run the query hello_world specified in the main.rell file.
chr query --blockchain-rid <BlockchainRID> hello_world
  • If the query has an argument called foo, then the query would look like the following for the value bar.
chr query --blockchain-rid <BlockchainRID> hello_world "{foo=bar}"
  • If you want to pass a dictionary as an argument, you have to separate the argument with -- to avoid = incorrect parsing.
chr query hello_world -- {key1=value1, key2=value2}


Towards a deployed chain, you can use the same commands as in a local environment, but you need to add a --name (deployment target) and --blockchain (name of the chain to query) instead of the --blockchain-rid.

chr query --deployment --name testnet --blockchain hello hello_world