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Key pairs

On the Chromia network, key pairs have different meanings and responsibilities. As a provider, you typically handle two different types of key pairs. The PMC keygen command can create key pairs.

Provider key pair

The provider key pair is your personal key pair. It's used to sign transactions and proposals on the network. In the future, it'll connect to a wallet and thus be the target for your revenue stream. You must keep this key pair safe as it's not possible to recover this. Therefore, you should configure pmc to use this keypair. For more information, see PMC keygen.

You'll only generate this key once. We recommend setting this up globally for your convenience if you plan to participate on several networks. Please write down the privkey/mnemonic so that you can recover it later.

Node key pair

All nodes on the network have their own unique key pair. The nodes consensus algorithm uses it to sign blocks between its peers.

To generate one key pair for each node, you start with the following:

$ pmc keygen -s
$ pmc keygen -s

And include them in your node-properties file as follows: