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Decentralized application (dapp)

A dapp is an app that runs on a blockchain network. Its back end runs on nodes and could also have a front end on some client software.

On the Chromia platform, every dapp exists on its own subchain, capable of delivering ~500 transactions per second. The subchain runs parallel to system blockchains. If a dapp grows, more clusters can be added to support it. Due to this, applications can scale dynamically to keep throughput high, and fees low regardless of network traffic.

Dapp containers

Chromia can allocate resources across provider nodes, enabling dapps to obtain the storage and computational power they need in a decentralized fashion. This containerized resource management for dapps drastically reduces the cost of running dapps compared to other public blockchain platforms. It offers developers a resource provisioning model similar to what cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer, without problems arising from centralization.